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If you run an independent hotel rather than being part of a chain or group, effective advertising of your services can be a problem as the bigger companies have bigger advertising budgets. But your hotel’s web site can look just as impressive as your competitors; it’s all about image.

You can use referral sites and social media along with digital advertising networks to get your message across. It’s just as important to look the part online as it is to offer high- end hospitality – your online image needs to match the quality of service you are offering. The primary image your hotel puts on its web site can have a large influence on those all- important conversion rates. It can take quite a bit of time testing and optimizing before you get the balance just right.

The independent hotel industry is a highly competitive one and you have to be fully aware of every advantage and benefit your hotel has to offer, including its location and whatever attractions are situated nearby, and niche market you can attract needs to be studied and assessed and included in your marketing strategy.

It can even be viable to opt for a pay per click strategy and you may even be able to outrank the big companies if you get it just right. Once you have calculated your hotels unique competitive advantages it can be highly beneficial to your company’s conversions to invest in a PPC campaign – it can be effective on digital advertising networks as well as OTAs.

It is crucial to continually performance test and check click through rates and be prepared to make a lot of subtle changes to your sites overall look but it can be money well spent if you have an experienced digital marketing advisor on your team. It’s a fact that over 60& of leisure travellers do their hotel research online and they are not only looking for good prices but also a strong brand and this is a crucial aspect in getting repeat business. Being on the first page of Google results can be a tall order but you need to at least aim for it.

Another aspect that can make a big impact is video – your potential new clients will always want to see a video and it can be a great opportunity to show off your hotels features and take advantage of every aspect of its location and this can be a great help in conversions when it is prominently displayed on social media channels. A strong social network based around the local community can bring a lot of repeat business for a hotel. Trans local hospitality is the buzzword in the independent hotel industry these days – more and more hotel managers have realized the importance of cultivating loyalty and a social buzz in the community.

A hotel needs to have strong ties to its local community and be viewed as a valuable local resource and a sense of loyalty towards a hotel can be as important as word of mouth referrals.