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How Hotel Heating Works

There's nothing nicer than coming back to a warm, comfortable hotel of an evening after business or maybe a night out. Equally, there's nothing more annoying than not understanding the complexities of the unit on the wall of your room, and being unable to heat or cool it adequately.

So how does that hotel heating unit actually work?

Most hotel heating and cooling units are PTAC's (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners), which are wall mounted, and will sometimes have a separate thermostat. PTAC's are usually powered by electricity, which is why hotels use them rather than have complicated systems which require a lot of natural gas. another benefit to them is that they do not require drain piping like most common AC terminals as they evaporate the water internally with a condenser coil.

Powered by electricity, PTACs will have a thermostat which is usually on the wall nearest the door. Most will either have a default setting or a range of temperature, which although with certain hacks may be able to be over-ridded, they usually are set to ensure that you have the optimum temperature for your room for the most comfort.

Near on all of these units will not run without the key card from the hotel in the correct place, which is usually a small unit attached to the wall. While it can be frustrating that hotels do this, it is not to save money usually, but usually to comply with more strict recent environmental regulations, and not to waste electricity.